In the yard all struggle with ice on the windshield, and I always have clean and without heating.


With the onset of cold weather, motorists arise a number of problems. One of them is a thin and durable layer of ice on the windshield. Almost every morning, this afloan spoils the life of motorists, whose iron horses are driving the nights in the city courts, and not in cozy garages.

It happens for one simple reason, due to the temperature difference in the cabin and on the street. Condensate is formed on the glasses, which turns into a solid crust of ice.

With her my neighbors are fighting constantly. In principle, with the cleaning of glass begins every morning with the onset of cold weather. Of course, you can use a banal way — to warm the car until the glass hips it yourself.

However, this is quite a long time, and the glass heating function is far from each car.

I once having learned a simple way forgotten about the ice capture of the windshield of your car. This way I want to share with all the motorists.

I will say right away, the costs of my proven method does not require at all. Why did you decide to affect this topic? Because the network is Pottit in various ways, under which you need to handle glass with various chemical compositions, both homemade and factory.

Both those and others require cash costs. And the result leaves much to be desired.

Processing of glass by chemical means sooner or later entail the deterioration in the quality of the surface of the windshield. As a consequence, clouding and impairment of visibility will manifest.

Approximately the same is the case with scrapers. The everyday procedure for cleaning the glass is mechanically in a mechanical method, that is, the scraping of ice with a special scraper leads to mechanical surface damage. All the same glass is scratched.

One way or another, the windshield carries a large load, and a constant mechanical effect when removing ice is an additional load. Glass may be damaged, to poisoned. And it will hit it again.

I have long been slipping out with Founding because I spent my car for a couple of minutes to arrive at the parking lot. In fact, to get rid of the problem, you just need to eliminate its cause.

And the reason, as already mentioned above, in the temperature difference in the cabin and on the street. This contributes to the formation of condensate. So, so that the condensate is not formed, it is necessary to equalize the temperature.

And for this, after arrival, you just need to easily lower your own, and passenger, front glass, quite a little bit. You do not need to open completely.

As soon as the salon penetrated the cold and the temperature dropped to the surrounding condensate, you can not be afraid. Only 3-4 minutes and windshield in the morning will be pure on the envy of the neighbors.

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