Information about the abolition of diagnostic cards of fictitiously passed car inspection from March 1.


With information about the release of a new law concerning the procedure for the passage of technical inspection, annoying rumors began to appear. Rumors that old all diagnostic maps (T / O for old legislation) will be canceled.

This will be due to the fact that allegedly such cards will be considered fictitiously obtained, due to the lack of direct technical inspection.

It is no secret that today a good half of the vehicles really does not undergo a real procedure T / O. Diagnostic maps were bought in insurance agents for the mandatory policy of OSAGO.

And all this arranged. Even insurance campaigns, although each case was dealt with and disassembled very carefully, in order to avoid insurance payments.

So the profitable case of insurers is arranged. For this simple reason, rumors about the cancellation of diagnostic maps believed many, perhaps relying on the desire of insurers as much as possible to pay insurance.

Agree, if diagnostic cards will continue to act means and insurance will be invalid, and therefore, with an accident, it is not necessary to pay citizens. It is logical, isn’t it? ..

However, this is too strange logic. If you allow a similar one, then all cars will have to stay in the parking lots, because without insurance, it is forbidden to leave without insurance. A closed circle explaining the absurdity of assumptions.

However, let’s justify the falsity of rumors under legislation, and not a logical reasoning. The new law really has sub-clause, where it is described about the cancellation of diagnostic cards, if they are obtained illegally.

But this clarification concerns just the future, not the past. It is clear that the diagnostic maps are not having authentication will be canceled, as well as they will not become valid cards of car inconsistencies. To do this, in the process of technical inspection, only only photo fixation is entered.

As for old diagnostic cards, there’s a word about them in law. Check their authenticity will not be. All because to prove the reality of the continued technical inspection is not possible anything other than the authentication of the diagnostic card itself.

And the forms of these documents are genuine, prints and paintings on them are also legal and authenticity until their action end.

No photos of such diagnostic cards should be attached, if only because the procedure was passed before the introduction of new rules.

As soon as the Ix hour blowjob — March 1, 2021, then motorists passing a technical inspection will have to put up with photo science.

In the meantime, all those who have diagnostic cards, even if one hundred months eight months after eight-nine, can sleep well.

Nobody will disturb them and will not force the procedure of technical inspection again. All diagnostic maps will be valid, however, as well as automotive insurance.

Well, rumors, too fast sprawling over the network, you should not trust. It is better to rely on the knowledge of laws and logic.

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