Inspection in 2021 it turns out to go through not everyone.


Many drivers who took inspection in recent times had to face various innovations operating since 2020.

According to these innovations, a number of certain rules will be followed. To go through the technical inspection of the car without any problems, you need to get acquainted with all the new information.

There was a rumor that the inspection will be removed at all from the life of the driver, but this did not happen, the opposite appeared completely new rules for his passage.

To undergo the procedure for technical inspection of the car is quite useful and necessary thing. After all, thanks to this procedure, the driver will be aware of the health of his car and that he himself is safe.

Most drivers are confident in their car, since it is properly caught by and during the replacement of certain expenditure parts, but this does not guarantee its complete good condition.

Another important point, without inspection, the driver will not be able to arrange the insurance policy. Without insurance, the driver will not be able to receive payments in the event of a collision that implies the policy.

So that all these problems have found the driver by surprise, you need to get acquainted with the new regulations of the inspection, and they are not particularly different from the old rules.

The focus is first needed on the steering amplifier. It is necessary that it is fully working. The second, in the car must be a first-aid kit with an incistent shelf life.

Be sure to have all four wheels with spikes or velcro, not two, namely four. Some drivers prefer to put the studded rubber only on the drive wheels, and the other two ordinary.

According to the new rules, this is not suitable. Headlights and other lighting devices must be sound and clean, without unnecessary tinting and various stickers.

When installing additional new equipment on the car, not provided for in the car’s operational instruction, it is necessary to make it appropriate.

In the car should not be oil leaks and leaks of other liquids, otherwise such a car is not properly. All this controls Rostransnadzor.

These new amendments do not carry anything supernatural. With the serviceability of the car and the presence in it, you just need to go through the procedure, it will be very simple.

I sincerely congratulate you on the New Year!

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