Is it dangerous for the engine to excess the oil level.


Each motorist knows that behind the oil level in the engines you need to monitor constantly. The lack of oil can lead everything to oil starvation.

But what can cause oil transaction? And is generally dangerous is the overabundance, only a few multiple motorists know about this.

Ideally, the oil level should vary between two points on the dipstick. Lower marks means the minimum level, respectively, the top maximum level.

If the oil is gone, then the motorist must be replenished with its volume, then you mean to pour liquid that MIN MINE.

Experience comes with practice and years, so there are fewwithful motorists who can simply felt the lubricant.

Oil level will exceed the laid. What is it fraught with? In fact, many problems.

The mark «Max» on the probe was prudently made not just like that. This means that excess lubricating fluid is also harmful as the disadvantage.

Well, if the overflow occurred at all in a little bit and once. But if overflow becomes constant, then problems will appear pretty quickly and there will be a lot of them.

Excess fluid will lead to load on gaskets, indigenous glands and turbocharger (if any).

If there is a lot of oil, it will produce gaskets in all possible places and will leak outward.

Under the machine you can detect oil spots. By the way, they will be a harbinger of trouble.

All this will lead to a reduction in the power of the motor. About the Siza smoke from the exhaust pipe and not to speak.

Also during an excess of oil, it is possible to observe contamination in the subcontrol space.

This fact happens as a result of the problem. And this is not all problems that can lead oil overflow.

With an excess of lubrication in the engine, it will be difficult to predict how additives will behave. Indeed, in each oil there is a package of additives and in different stamps of lubricants additives are different.

Among the drivers there is an opinion that excess oil is simply in a short time burns and the problem will quickly leave by itself.

As can be seen from the foregoing, the opinion is mistaken. Before the oil is spent, it will have time to harm.

The help of inexperienced drivers will be the information that the average passenger car, more precisely the volume between the MIN and MAX marks range from 600 to 1000 ml of oil.

Owning this information can be avoided overflow.

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