Is it possible to charge the battery on the car without removing the terminals from it.


Modern cars have a lot of settings that can be rolled under certain conditions. Removing the battery for charging, one of these undesirable conditions.

So therefore, modern motorists are very often wondering, and is it possible to charge the battery without removing the terminals?

Cars of domestic car industry previously did not have any devices that could suffer from disconnecting the battery terminals. Previously, the battery even entered home in two cases: to not discharge from frost or not stolen.

Now a simple disconnection of the terminals may result in serious consequences. For example, the tincture of multimediasystems can easily be confused. The tincture of sound for music lovers, lovers of high-profile bass, painstakingly and long sweeping the desired frequencies can also fly.

It is worth mentioning and climatic control. What can be said that the disconnection of the battery on some cars is fraught with the reset of the firmware and adaptation of the car.

Problems, as can be seen from the foregoing, a lot. But this is just the top of the iceberg. Completely fair is the possibility of charging the battery without removing the terminals.

In order not to be unfounded, I had to consult with a professional. An expert in this issue was the auto electrician, the work experience of about 20 years.

So, the verdict of a professional is to charge the battery without removing the terminals, but it is important to remember some aspects to not harm the car and your pocket, respectively.

The main rule of charging the battery is voltage up to 15.5 V. This means exceeding the indicator cannot in any way. Chargers in principle should issue up to 15 V.

But modern chargers may exceed the figure to 17 V. This is done in order to speed up the charging process. However, such a hurry can seriously affect the car with unvented terminals.

In order not to harm your iron horse, you need to study the instructions for the charger and only then proceed to the process.

It can seriously affect the car and a faulty charger. Although the manufacturers of instruments for charging assure in reliability motivating the fact that the output voltage in any case will not exceed the norm. Even in the case of an unexpected breakage.

It is fear and cheap chargers. You never know how they may behave during the process. So it is best to charge the battery without removing the terminals under a careful supervision to prevent troubles on time.

Well, finally, it is necessary to recall that when charging the battery with unnatible terminals, you should not leave the power consuming instruments included. You can not allow contact with terminals with other details under the hood of the car.

If you comply with all the conditions, then the charging of the battery without removing the terminals is quite real.

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