Is it possible to cross the solid line in front of the crossroads or traffic lights, if necessary to be rebuilt into another row.


Absolutely all motorists are aware of what to drive around the line of continuous marking, which shares the bands of the oncoming and associated directions, is strictly prohibited.

At the same time, on the carriageway, you can meet the markup band directed along the movement of the car. The neighboring rows of one direction of movement are sometimes separated by a solid strip in front of intersections and traffic lights. Is it allowed to drive for such a strip?

Apply such marking near crossroads and traffic lights recently. As a rule, the length of such a band is not more than fifteen meters. The appearance of such bands is due to that near crossroads during rebuilding can occur traffic jams and lead to an accident. For example, the driver from the left row decided to abandon suddenly, but he does not have the opportunity to go straight in his strip.

Often, drivers in front of crossroads and traffic lights do not always want to rest in advance in order to drive around the cork or get into the desired strip. Very many motorists include a turn signal immediately before maneuver, or do not include at all.

The driver who is behind, understands that you can go straight, but suddenly it becomes impossible and there is a need for rebuilding. It remains nothing to disrupt traffic rules, crossing a solid line. Can the driver be fined for it?

It is categorically forbidden to travel for continuous movement. The presence of a solid line does not allow rebuilding into the neighboring strip. At the same time, the driver will be fined for five thousand rubles for the intersection of a solid line and departure to the oncoming lane or deprived of rights for a period of four to six months, and for the same violation, at one direction, the movement is not so rigid.

In the first part of the article twelve point, sixteen COAP of the Russian Federation for violation of the rules required by the markup, the driver will be fined only five hundred rubles.

Here, this punishment threatens the driver for check-in for a solid line during the passing direction. Most chambers of fixing violations of DD rules are configured to this violation, it should be rebuilt in advance.

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