Is it possible to go if the yellow light signal caught fire.


When observing the behavior of drivers on the road, it can sometimes be noted that many as soon as it starts to light up yellow do not slow down their speed, but on the contrary, they are accelerated to slip so as not to stand later in anticipation of the green signal.

Recently, such a behavior of drivers on the road has become absolutely normal, because it is in many ways the main cause of an accident.

Consider in more detail attempts to slip into yellow, according to the rules of DD. Point six point two, says that it is not strictly forbidden to move, there are exceptions specified in paragraph six point fourteen Rules of DD, and indicates the switching signal from green to red and vice versa.

In paragraph six, the point fourteen says that if the yellow signal caught fire or the uplift up the hand raised his hand, drivers who cannot slow down just in the places specified by paragraph six points thirteen rules of DD, can move quietly and not slow down.

This means that the driver can pass on the yellow light in the event of any unexpected situation, for example, the driver began to reduce the speed and on the ice road, stops not working and the driver decides to slip into yellow.

However, if the driver did not think to stop and drove at speeds under the yellow signal, then the inspector with great joy and fully discharge him a fine.

There is a certain point, relative to this violation. In the case when the driver began to slow down, but it does not work, but even if it turned out, in the presence of a fixed video, the protocol for traveling to yellow with ease can be challenged.

However, if the driver did not even try to stop, the fact of violation is obvious and it is regarded as a passage under the prohibited signal of the traffic light.

Dear drivers, be alert on the roads and should not be relying constantly at paragraph 16.4 of the traffic policy, since traveling to yellow can easily lead to an accident.

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