Is it possible to make overtaking wagons pressed to the sidelines.


Cars with cargo semi-trailers or with freight semi-trailers and trailers — wagons, most often, move not so intense as passenger cars. For this reason, on the track, the case arises «Kraiki» — so truckers call large clusters from cars. The long-term driver always understands that his car makes it difficult to move the movement of other vehicles. In order not to block the way, the trucker is trying to feel right towards the sidelines. Is it necessary to make a maneuver overtaking in this case?

Basic moments:

In cases where there is intermittent marking on the asphalt, and there are no signs that prohibit overtaking, then you can safely make a maneuver. Before that, you need to make sure that the oncoming movement is free, in a distance of the overtaking. In such situations, truckers «take» to the right to ensure that the driver, who is from behind, has received a greater review. Beginning motorists fear to leave to the oncoming lane. They are afraid not to see another vehicle.

The main thing is to remember: it is necessary to calculate the speed of movement of a long period in advance so that at the time of the overtaking is not broken, the high-speed traffic rules installed. It does not rarely happen that signs and road markings are allowed to make overtaking, but the wagon moves very quickly. In this case, it is clear — to make a maneuver without violating traffic rules, it will not be possible, the extra risk here is nothing. Therefore, it is best to weaken the pressure on the gas pedal, in order to increase the distance between the vehicles, and wait for the best moment to make overtakes.

What to do when the road markup prohibits maneuver? In such situations, it all depends on the gap between the board of the long and the line of markup. If the distance allows you to overtake the wagon without check-in for a solid line, then you can make a maneuver. If the driver moves into the band held by him, then the maneuver is not overtaking. It is important to go very carefully. It is necessary to take into account that if the long-term driver wants to rebuild to the left, the places to complete the overtaking will most likely be left.

As a rule, in those places where the main road intersects with secondary, build special strips for overclocking cars. Long-term drivers often use such a band to unload road traffic. In such cases, the wagon can be rebuilt on this strip. Drivers moving from behind vehicles can be calmly stay in their lane, accelerating the movement, and a fool. This maneuver will not be considered overtaking.

It is important not to forget that when overtaking long vehicles, check-in for a solid markup line at least part of the wheel will be considered a violation of the rules of the road. If the overall dimensions of the car exclude the possibility of completing overtaking, it is better not to perform it, because The staff of the State Autosoperation may be near.

Even if you manage to avoid deprivation of rights, the penalty will be discharged. In the future, the path of movement in any case will be a portion of the road with an intermittent line of marking. On such a segment, it will be possible to make overtaking wagons according to traffic rules.