Is it possible to park on the oncoming lane against movement.


Our cities have many flaws. One of them is difficulties with parking sites. Therefore, drivers have to spend a lot of time and often sick to park as convenient as possible.

Is it possible in such conditions to be parked on the opposite side, that is, on the oncoming lane? Let’s figure it out in this matter. After all, very often just on the opposite side and there is a cherished place.

In addition to available places, the opposite side may be attractive due to the «daily» restrictions in parking, or a parking ban to this date, or thanks to another ban.

So leave your iron horse on the opposite side the most suitable solution. And what does traffic rules speak?
And the rules allow parking on the left side of the road only in several cases.

Specifically, all is indicated in paragraph 12.1. More precisely, the parking on the left side of the road is allowed if: the road has only one movement strip in each direction, does not have in the middle of the tram paths. And parking on the left side can be with one-sided movement. And that’s all that is permitted by the rules of DD.

In other cases, this action can be considered a violation and will be subject to punishment in the form of a fine of 500 rubles. But this is not the worst.

If in the parking lot will be recorded in the opposite, the fine will be much more serious — 5000, or deprivation of a driver’s license for half a year. Agree, little pleasant in such a turn of events.

But still parking on the left side of the road. The main thing is to know the conditions of parking and not to break the rules when maneuver. It should also be remembered that it is impossible to move on the oncoming lane.

And you still need to pay attention to the fact that road signs on the opposite side are practically not visible.

When traveling from the parking place you need to take into account the participants in the counter movement, so as not to create interference.

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