Is it possible to ride with naked torso in the car?


Summer causes many drivers to include air conditioners, or with the lack of this option in the car, take off the T-shirts and T-shirts.

However, sometimes the weather is so hot that nothing helps nothing, but the driver must feel comfortable in the car.

This is how the risk of an accident is increasing. Therefore, many drivers begin to undress and open all windows.

But it is not necessary to get involved in this case, because there are precedents of such fines. For more information, refer to the law.
12 The head of the procedural law tells about certain prohibitions in traffic prohibitions.

Their number does not include carrying or removing the macks, but there is a causing behavior in a public place. The court believes that under this concept should be understood by an absolutely naked person, that is, without clothes at all.

In this case, this is an article for hooliganism and a good such fine. Thus, it is possible to confidently conclude that clothes can be removed from themselves, but only not all. There is simply no prohibition of driving a car without a T-shirt.

In order to earn a fine, you need to pump well inspections well, so that they are so angry that the next non-existent fine will be ready to write out.

Either you have to sit at the wheel completely naked, which is a bit strange.

If you adhere to the framework of the law, then no traffic cop will not dare to finish you, and if it dares, it immediately blows away after a good reminder of the driver about the possible consequences of such deception.