Is it possible to unfold through the gap in the bump on the road?


On the road, many drivers notice a breakdown break and wonder: «Can I enter it and cut the way?» This is a rather interesting question to which, however, it is not at all difficult to answer. So is it possible to make a turnover on the highway at break or still it is impossible?

The bumpman is called an obstacle that delimits the movement of the oncoming and passing flow streams, providing a safe movement of vehicles. It is noteworthy that this is not an ordinary fence as in the garden, but a real dividing strip that is structurally built on the road.

That is, instead, the border and concrete can be safely installed calmly, and put the grass. You can still say that it is just a large strip in the middle part, which is displayed on both sides by marking 1.2, where tram rails can be.

In almost any dividing strip, technological ruptures are provided.

But in fact, such ruptures are not intended for ordinary drivers, but for special services and their techniques. In short, in them you can take a turn only to those who should be.

However, you can not always unfold only them. When there is a sign 6.3.1 before the technological rupture. or 6.3.2. («The place for reversal» and the «zone of rotation», respectively), can be unfolded by everyone, but not on the left side.

The turn on the highway or machine road with the «Road for Cars» sign in all senses violates the rule «on the motorways it is impossible to make a turn and check-in in technological ruptures.»

For such a misconduct, you can get a solid fine, which is described in 3 hours. Art. 12.11, and which is as much as 2 thousand 500 rubles.

That is, the turn or entry of the car into technological ruptures on the road can help the driver will lose their «extra» money.

Therefore, it is better not to experiment with this, even when it may seem that there is no one.