Is it worth following the advice to warm the car radiator for the winter.


With the approach of the cold, many drivers began to prepare for the process of maintaining heat in the cabin of the car. And this, as you know, can be done by covering the car radiator lattice with additional devices.

About whether it is necessary to close the radiator for the winter, there are two direct opposite opinions. Half motorists claim that winter protection of the radiator grille is needed, another half, naturally, against such measures. Who is right, and who are not, let’s understand.

First about the obvious pluses of the flaps. By the way, it is possible to close the radiator grille in several ways. You can buy special linings in auto shops, and you can warm up with appliant means. For example, the usual cardboard.

So, about the pros. Of course, there is a lot of cold air without a damper in the windscreen space in winter. And with the damper it is quite different. Cold air penetrates the compartment much less. Well, the engine, thereby gaining the operating temperature faster.

The dampers help reduce the engine warming time in winter. If riding a motorist will have frequent and short distances, then the damper will have to be likewise. Why? Because thus reduces fuel consumption for heating.

The dampers will be quite to the place for those motorists who make long distance from long distances. At the speed, the engine compartment and the radiator is highly cooled by the oncoming flow of the air, closing the radiator we increase the temperature of the coolant. This significantly improves the temperature regime in the cabin.

If you believe the manufacturers of insulation, the benefits of installing dampers helps save fuel, which we have already mentioned, and increase the battery life. However, it is not worth believing such allegations. In fact, both the other indicator of economy is much lower than the insulation manufacturers.

Well, now we will discuss when you need to use the flaps for the radiator grille. After all, among other things, additional warming can lead to overheating of the motor, and this is very unpleasant consequences.

Installing dampers, let’s say, it is necessary only in those regions where the temperature in the winter is lowered below -10 ° C. That’s then, the bootable space really needs additional protection. If there are no warm winter in your region, you do not need to install dampers.

They can promote just an excessive thermal impact on the motor. And this will lead to overheating. Do not forget that open radiator lattices are the design solution of automotive developers.

In the regions where the cold is rarely it is rare to have a damper at hand to install it for a low temperature, and then remove it on time.

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