Is it worth inserting the cardboard into the radiator for the winter?


Frequent phenomenon on the roads in winter are closed with additional objects of the radiators lattice. Cardboard inserts or specialized lining are used as departure. These lining are manufactured by manufacturers in size and brands of cars.

They can be purchased in stores of spare parts. Naturally, cardboard linings are Know Howe’s knowing. For them you do not need to pay. However, the question is not in price, but whether it is necessary to completely close the radiator at winter. Will this cause the engine overheating.

To answer the question correctly, based on experience and practice, I had to ask the Council from the Master Motorist. And that’s what I managed to find out. Modern coolant, they are called antifreeze, have pretty good performance.

It boils against the antifreeze at temperatures above +100 degrees, and freeze at -40 degrees. Agree, a very high indicator. It is worth a reservation that there are fluids with a smaller indicator of the minus temperature. Just in our country most often uses the option to -40c.

Even in a liquid with a high concentration of ethylene glycol, namely, this substance is responsible for the freezing of antifreeze, there is a moment when the fluid starts thick. Approximately about -30s is a critical temperature at which cooling fluids begin to thicken.

However, according to experts, such changes will not harm the engine. Well, a specialist to whom I addressed the explanations laid in detail everything on the shelves. The first thing to be taken into account is the conditions of operation. Second, it is the duration of trips. Third — climatic conditions.

According to the first, and for one and second rules it is necessary to take into account the duration and place of travel. If you often go beyond the city and long distances, it makes sense to set the damper on the radiator grille. Because cold air flow for a long time will affect the maintenance of engine operating temperature.

If your trips come exclusively in urban conditions and their duration is quite small, then the grille is not necessarily close. Although of course you can. In the northern regions of our country, motorists are not the fact that dampers, they are building entire barricades to protect and retain the operating temperature.

In any case, there are a couple of uniform rules for everyone. Do not close the lattices of radiators entirely, it is better to leave at least the fourth part for a possible blowing of the radiator. Installing valves need not less than five centimeters from the radiator grille.

If the conditions allow, the damper can be used exclusively as needed. Only in those cases, if you need to go to a distant journey, or with a significant decrease in air temperature.

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