It is necessary to change the policy of the OSAGO, after replacing the driver’s license.


When the car is insurance, data from the driver’s license of the owner are introduced into the policy. Hence the question arises: is it necessary to notify insurers about changing the driver’s license?

Let’s first remember the situations at which the driver changes in / y.
So, the change of document occurs if:

The validity period expires, the certificate is lost either stolen, or damaged (spacing, born, etc.), a new category was obtained, there was a need to make changes (change of the surname, etc.).

In all these cases, a new driver’s license is issued, with a new sequence number and series. Also in the new in / y, the graph will be filled with special marks, where the number and series of old rights fit.

As for the conversion of the insurance campaign. It must be done. When changing the driver’s license policy, the OSAGO also should be replaced.

Of course you can not bother, but … But, in this case, you can get a bunch of problems on your head.

For example, what happened by the accident will not pay the insurance campaign, because the policy without updated data is considered invalid.

Another reason to report on updating to / y is the price of the next insurance policy.

The system is not instantly working, so get a cherished discount on insurance upon presentation of an updated certificate will not be released on the same day.

We will have to pay the general conditions as for the first time. Well, a meeting with DPS officers will not lead to any kind. When checking, you can get a penalty if the numbers in the policy and on the \ y will not coincide.

Attentive employee can easily notice the difference and recognize the policy of Osago invalid. The penalty will be discharged under the article on the absence of insurance.

Deciding, to report on changing a driver’s license to the insurance campaign, of course the driver. However, it is still necessary to avoid serious problems.

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