It is necessary to pour oil into the filter when it is replaced.


Another reason for the disputes of motorists is to install an oil filter. Some argue that the filter needs to fill with oil before installing. Other against such a procedure.

And the other side has weighty arguments. And in the end, everyone comes as used to. So where is the truth? And why so far this question will not decide unequivocally?

Start standing with arguments of different sides. Those who destroy the filling of the filter with oil reinforcement, talk about several reasons. The first reason is the possibility of breaking the porous insertion inside the filter.

The fact is that after replacing when the engine starts, the maximum portion of the oil instantly gets into the filter. Such a process can be dangerous for porous insert. According to motorists, the insert may not withstand and get damage.

This means that from the first minutes the filter will be unsuitable, which is fraught with the consequences. The second argument says that during the engine startup, a dry filter will force a few seconds to operate the engine dry.

While the oil goes into the filter, while it gets to the motor … That is, the pairs of dry friction will be secured by the engine. By the way, there is another third argument — the formation of air traffic jams due to a dry filter.

All these arguments make drivers before installing the filter to spend some manipulations with it. Namely, you need to fill in the unit some oil (200ml) and wait 20-30 minutes. Then the porous insert as it is impregnated and the problems will be avoided.

Well, now consider the point of view of the other half of motorists. In their opinion, this method of installing an oil filter, which is offered by opponents, has long been outdated. It is suitable for cars with a big past.

For such rarities, you really need to fill with oil filters before installation, because old cars are equipped with low-power pumps. Yes, and oils were previously distinguished by enviable density.

Well, modern cars do not have such problems. By the way, the current oils are much inferior to the same in viscosity. What completely notes the need to fill the filter before installing.

Full-based proof of the consistency of this opinion is manuals for the operation of modern cars. Neither in one is not specified before installing the filter mandatory filling with its oil.

Most likely, the installation instruction will be about this: you need to clean the seating surface, lubricate the rubber ring of the filter, remove the excess lubricant on the sides and install the item, tighten until it stops.

After installation, you should trace the wrong leakage. This is probably all simple actions about installing an oil filter on modern cars. Notice, not a word and preliminary filling it with oil.

The result of all the above will be a simple truth. On modern cars, it is not required when replacing the filter to fill it with pre-oil. Although, if you are used to doing this, then do it.

There is no harm from such a procedure, however, as well as benefits.
No need to be afraid of air traffic jams. Modern designers have long solved this problem.

Such friction is not appropriate here. After all, you agree that when draining oil in the engine, something remains anyway. Oil still covers work surfaces.

So few moments before entering the oil system will not be critical for the engine. In general, in order for dry friction, it is necessary to wash the entire system with dishwashing liquid.

So do not be afraid of gaps of porous insert. Such defects really have a place to be, but only it is not connected with the incoming butter, but rather with the factory marriage, well, or an irregular selection of the filter.

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