Look inspection — as DPS employees use drivers’ illiteracy.


There are often cases when the traffic police stop drivers on the track and tell them to show the contents of the car. Requests can be in the opening of the trunk or doors, as well as the descent of glasses.

Of course, the unsuspecting motorist will push all the instructions of the Gaitz, referring to the fact that he is a good driver and disadvantaged in any kind and in messenger. However, how are such actions on the part of the traffic police officer? Does it be necessary to obey him?

Undoubtedly, you should not indulge the whims of the isoam in the pursuit, especially in the case when he is just looking for what to find face. Little drivers know their real rights in cooperation with people in shape, and they simply make out of their ignorance. One saying reads — «Knowledge — light, ignorance — darkness.» In our case, the bright ray of insight will be able to distinguish between the two concepts «inspection» and «inspection.»

The inspection means visual estimation of the car without touching it. However, the glasses still may be asked to be applied to check the contents of the car.

In the event that the employee begins to touch the car, open the doors, trunk or hood on his own, then this is a completely different conversation. Such behavior can be caused by only one factor — inspection. This is almost a search, but only more discreet.

It is worth noting that the search can be carried out only with a special document, as well as it can be carried out only by an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this case, the minister will have a complete map-blanche on the car. He can even shoot or disintegrate some surface elements of the machine.

The most intriguing question is in dilemma, how to be if you are asked to make one of the above actions. How to distinguish the validity of inspection and inspection?

Everything is very simple here, because you only need to ask one question to the inspector after his attempts to convince you, for example, open the door or trunk. Ask him, this requirement or request. If the second option, then you can easily refuse to satisfy his request. But if the first, then the question is more difficult.

If you require these actions, you must insist on obtaining a minimum of two witnesses, and it is better to vide the video, since in case of an unfavorable scenario, this entry can be your only proof when protecting your rights. Also, inspectors are required to compile a list of inspection.

In the end, you need to understand where the actual attempt to divorce for money, and where there is no trace from it. If you are hostile to you, it is the video and will be your happy ticket and reinforced concrete proof of the right.