Part-time job in a taxi has become more unprofitable due to the drain of information in the tax.


To date, in many regions of the Russian Federation, taxi drivers began to receive letters from the tax service about the need to arrive in the tax and explain how they act on how to pay taxes.

The tax service learns about such drivers through the connection services to various taxi aggregators, as soon as the testing of the so-called «connections» begins, it turns out that many drivers have a agency agreement with them, and there are no tax deductions.

What is it done for? And the answer is very simple, having information about such malicious defaulters, the tax ceases to pay attention to the «plugs» and pays all its attention to taxi drivers.

Many projects of the Government of the Russian Federation begins to check in the Republic of Tatarstan, with such successful inspections, money is rapidly entering the budget, and this is a direct way to oblige taxi drivers to pay taxes, while expanding the coverage area to the entire territory of Russia.

In this case, drivers will have to deduct thirteen percent of their income into the state treasury.

Moreover, the tax will be charged not with the amount that is put on the driver to pay, but with the whole total of without the commission «connections» and aggregators.

These data connectivity services will give the tax service without unnecessary problems, because they have nothing to complicate their lives.

A taxi driver in this case should be extending its work shift for three to four hours to pay the tax and at the same time earn at least some money.

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