Passed car inspection according to the new rules.


For a while, the technical inspection of cars remained simple formality. Car owners bought a diagnostic map at insurance agents when making an OSAGO policy.

To undergo a technical procedure in real life was not necessary. However, since March of this year, the procedure will be changed according to a new, already approved law.

To make clarity and dispel concerns of car owners, I had to evaluate innovations on personal experience.

So, the new procedure for technical inspection will come into force on March 1 of this year. Time remains not so much. Therefore, many items where the procedures of T / O are already conducting preparations for innovations.

The main innovation will be the fixation of the technical inspection, then the car must be removed in the photo in different angles. By the way, the cards themselves will now become electronic.

To evaluate the future procedure in practice, I had to try to undergo a technical inspection on my own. In general, life and drivers and workers are much more complicated.

However, still still remains in the same mode. Now I will tell you what has already changed and what difficulties may arise.

At the very beginning, an employee of the technical center immediately captured my car on video. In the process of the received frames, several photos will be chosen, on which the brand, license plate and the color of my car are perfectly visible.

This will be a report on the trained technical inspection. The information will be included in the database where all data on the previously issued diagnostic cards are collected. By the way, the VIN number of the machine is not fixed. Who knows how will it be later? ..

Well, then everything went much easier. An employee of the technical center approached me, asked if I really need an inspection or could do the formality.

As they say, ordinary people will always find a way to strain once again. Therefore, the mechanics are not in a hurry to work in full force at it is not known whose benefit.

So it is still possible to write a new diagnostic card without conducting a real inspection. This opportunity will exist until the staff of the technical centers need to be recorded on the video of the inspection procedure itself. For such a volume of information, databases have not yet been created.

So it turns out that due to the fact that there is still only a photo of the car entering the car, the conditions for obtaining a diagnostic technical inspection card not too much have changed.

Even the prices remained the same. Only owners of tuned cars may face difficulties. The photo will be seen that according to the rules should not be.

As mentioned above, now diagnostic cards will take place only in electronic form. Motorist will be issued to the hands only the number.

And the card itself can be sent to email. The greatest inconvenience is at the moment — this is independent of the train to the technical center for the settlement of the issue.

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