Passengers have not fastened the belts — what to say the traffic police officer.


Safety belts are equipped with all cars. The presence of belts is not only in front, but also from behind. It is logical that the driver and front passenger are the first to enter into the visibility of the DPS inspector and he can see whether they are fastened, even when the car moves, that is, it is impossible to determine the belts on the rear passengers until the car stops.

Taking this opportunity, many rear passengers are not at all fasten. You can encounter the fact that the DPS officer will be fined for not fastened rear passengers. What do traffic rules talk about this?

According to paragraph 2.1.2, the driver does not have the right to go on the road until all passengers are fastened by seat belts. Responsibility for it carries not only the driver, but also the passengers themselves.

So, in paragraph 5.1. PDD states that passengers are required to use the safety belt if it is provided by the manufacturer of the car.

If passengers neglected this rule, they may be subject to administrative punishment.

Moreover, each passenger separately will be obliged to pay the appropriate penalty.

If only the driver is not fastened, then only it will be fined. The amount of the fine is 1 thousand rubles, which is provided by Art. 12.6 COAP.

However, if the driver is fastened, but passengers are not fastened, then the responsibility will bear not only passengers, but also the driver. The latter is also fined for 1 thousand rubles. At the same time, the rear passengers should be fastened, and not just the front.

Passengers, when violating the requirements of riding with a fastened belt, are involved in administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Art. 12.29 COAP.

The exception is only the case when the design of the safety belts are not provided. Then passengers are not responsible.

In some cases, you can avoid fine. For example, if toning is present on the windows of the car. If the traffic police inspector stopped the car and only then saw not fastened rear passengers, then it can be convinced that when driving they were fastened.

The driver can tell the inspector that he was convinced about using seat belt passengers before the trip.

Of course, the inspector may begin to object, but he will not be able to prove his words, and therefore it is not worth worrying on this issue.

Except is unless the presence on the road cameras, which recorded not fastened passengers still during the movement of the car.

If the violation occurred, then the driver must be fined. There is a chance that passengers are flying. However, they can still make a warning without material punishment. This is provided by Art. 12.29 COAP. A written crown of the intruder is drawn up.

However, this applies to those passengers who have not been attracted to justice for a similar violation. The question of the need to make a resolution will solve the inspector.

If the traffic police officer is well-configured, it can only be limited to a warning. It should be borne in mind that a year after the presentation of the resolution, the punishment is automatically repaid.

Some drivers and passengers do not fit the belts, but just throw them. However, it is not recommended to do so. After all, the seat belts invented not in order for the traffic police inspector not fined.

They are needed to preserve the life and health of travelers and the driver when car hit in an accident. That is why it is not worth it to deceive, but it’s better to fuck up and only after that go on the road.

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