Punishment for xenon and LED lamps in headlights in 2021.


In the car headlights you can install different lighting lamps. For example, many drivers like xenon or LED LED lamps. At the same time, not everyone stops the ban on the installation of xenon at the legislative level.

According to the current legislation, this type of lighting refers to the equipment not provided for by the technical parameters of the car.

Based on this, only those who installed xenon will be violators with violation of the factory requirements of the machine. The punishment for such a violation was before, but in 2021 it will continue.

Drivers are also recommended to know about the following information.
Of course, you should first talk about the xenon itself. Not a single driver would not refuse him.

After all, xenon lamps and LED LED lamps provide the best lighting, compared to other types of lamps. It is undoubtedly. However, do not forget about other road users. In particular, about the oncoming machines.

Xenon can severely blind the driver of the oncoming flow, which, in turn, can lead to a serious accident.

The reason for this is the lack of a special corrector capable of adjusting the angle of inclination of the light beam, and the headlight cleaner says that he indicates the mismatch xenon and LED lamps by the technical capabilities of the car.

This reason is the main on which the ban on the use of this type of lamps is established.

It can be safely argued that xenon lamps in the headlights of the car are life-threatening for both drivers and pedestrians who may suffer as a result of an accident.

After all, the driver can go blind by the oncoming stream of cars not only on the oncoming lane, but also on the pedestrian walkways.

Everyone will now think that xenon cannot be installed at all. It is possible, but for this you need to get a special headlights. After all, standard headlights are designed exclusively for working with incandescent lamps.

Installing other types of lamps will lead to incorrect operation of the lighting device. This is the moment to know the drivers who want to acquire xenon lamps.

The next moment is the punishment. After all, not everyone will immediately run to the car manufacturer with the requirement to establish xenon on legal grounds.

If you make a conventional replacement of lamps at home, then the driver is waiting for the punishment provided for in Part 3 of Art. 12.5 COAP. According to this norm, the violator can deprive the rights per period from 6 to 12 months.

In addition, the installed equipment will be confiscated. The legislator did not provide for the money fine that many drivers may not like.

After all, it would be easier to pay a fine and further ride than to stay without a driver’s license, and even without installed equipment.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that the confiscation of a driver’s license is provided only for the illegal installation of xenon lighting.

To date, some cars are equipped with xenon lamps from the factory. In this case, the driver is not worth worrying.

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