Rubber rug in the car, do not throw it away from being repaired.


There are a sick car rugs. Machine owners with mileage are familiar with such a problem. The driver mat comes into disrepair much earlier than everyone else.

Rubber is engaged in pedals and dirt hits a coating under the rug. You have to buy a new rug. And this is not too convenient and completely uncommon.

Because mostly car floor mats are sold by complete sets. If you bring the whole set, then three pieces will just dust in the garage.

Such unreasonable actions do nothing at all. After all, the rubber rug can be quickly repaired. Of course, if the wear of the rug in general allows you to make repairs.

From the point of view of spending, repair will cost approximately 250, a maximum of 300 rubles. And now tell me how much will you have to give for a full set of rugs for the replacement of one of them? On the face explicit benefit.

So, proceed to repair. For a start, the rug needs to clean well. Then the hole as it should be placed with a painted scotch with a margin. This is the first option of the margin.

After scotch, you need to outline the edges of the margins. The workpiece must be removed and cut. Then transfer the blank on paper. Even a child can cope with it.

And the paper latch can be applied to rubber material. By the way, the rubber material is very cheap, and in the fortress it is not inferior to rubber, from which mats are manufactured.

Together with the rubber, it is better to immediately buy some good glue. Perhaps the best option for this case will be rubber glue. At least this type of glue is already verified in practice.

The latch is ready, there is glue, it remains only to glue one to another. In order for the connection to be very strong, you need to prepare the edges of the rug.

To do this, it is best to go through the edges of rubber sandpaper. And after a pretty degreased.

After all preliminary preparations glue two parts with each other. For consideration, all edges can be caught as a hammer.

Let me dry, at least fifteen hours. Well, or according to the instructions for glue.

As a result, it turns out a perfectly renovated rug, which will serve not yet one year. And it looks not as terrible, as it might seem at first glance.

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