Simple trick so that the snow did not stick and did not touch the car’s fenders.


As soon as snowfall has snowfall in motorists, problems appear. One of which becomes sticking in a huge amount on the hips and mudguards.

Layer of snow, and even with reagents becomes dense so much that it is difficult to remove without loss.

When driving, the stagnant snow hits the wheels. Because of it, mudguards can be broken, breaking the fenders, bend the wings and bow the bumper.

In general, an extremely unpleasant problem.
There is one small trick that helps to protect the car from the annoying snow sticking.

Of course, this method will not perfectly save the shrinkles from the altitude, but still the situation will improve significantly.
It is only necessary to correctly treat the places of sticking with a substance containing silicone. And now more.

First of all, you need to wash the car. Special attention should be paid to the hips and mudguards. After the whole thing is pretty dry, it is necessary to treat the surface of the shrinks by any silicone spray.

For example, the VD-40 is perfect, or a polyroller for cars. Silicone coating will provide snow slushing.

Even if sticking and happens, then quite a bit. Yes, and snow under the weight itself slides from the treated surface.

The minus of this method is only in one. Processing will have to repeat after each sink. Well, or in the extreme case before the weather forecast promising snowfall.

Motorists who have garages in this matter is much easier. Snow pins, the sneakers dry and can immediately apply silicone, without pre-sink and drying.

Be careful to your car, then he will delight you with a long and faithful service.

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