The 5 most stupid rules in the United States.


Maybe for many foreigners our rules will seem ridiculous and strange. But in other countries there are their absurdness and oddities over which you can laugh.

We will get acquainted with five stupid rules of the United States of America.

1 . For California pedestrians, there is one very strange rule. They can not be on the carriageway, in order to sleep.

For this violation, you can not only get a fine, but also sit down on the camera for two days, in order to have enough sleep. Obolin, such a rule does not apply, probably, you can lie down and relax.

Also in California, it is impossible to leave the car if it goes, but there is not a lot of condition if the speed is more than 120 kilometers per hour. Surprisingly, there are such people who at least once, but received a fine for it.

In Alabama, it is impossible to tie the eyes while driving. Most likely there were such cases, therefore, this prohibition was introduced.

At the same time, this prohibition expanded slightly and now it is impossible to ride in sunglasses, as well as glasses that have polarization lenses. It is fined even for lenses that are darker in the world, that is, chameleon lenses. What to do, it is impossible that all.

4 . In Oklahoma, it is prohibited to read. Here, of course, the rule is correct, but there is a small amendment. It is forbidden to read only comics.

As for newspapers, love romance and magazines, please read on health. Comics, in no case, want to watch cheerful pictures, look at the sofa at home.

If you are always cheerful and cheerful when you meet with the police inspector, it means that you are in New Jersey. Russian drivers, being in such a state, would definitely be fine.

However, in the presence of such a strange rule, they manage to be fined. Although why not?

If the inspector discharges a fine for the gloomy expression of the face, then you need to go to the victorious and fully tear off.

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