The best and worst drivers self-defense means according to expert on security expert.


Surely almost all drivers at least once fell into a dispute with other participants of the movement, where everyone tries to bring those or other arguments.

However, when the arguments end, and the dispute is needed to win, after a word, a couple of shocks can follow, capable of putting even the most healthy man in the hospital.

On the road you can meet a variety of drivers and in order to protect yourself, many of the means of defense. However, most motorists have a variety of views and preferences for such means.

So, choosing some tessel as a weapon, they can easily kill another driver and sit down in prison.

Bit is a very popular gun among many drivers. At first glance it may seem that it does not represent much danger. However, if a person will be sprinkled quite strongly, the consequences of such an outcome may be fatal.

Just one blow and another driver easily earns a shake or breaks bones. Police will not argue for a long time and attacked criminal prosecution.

Castet uses mainly to strike into the face, and therefore the outcome of the clash in one moment can become tragic immediately for both. Moreover, in Russia wearing the castet is prohibited by Art. 6. Even his transportation falls under this article.

An extremely bad choice, because wounds from such weapons can instantly deprive life. It is better to use it for cutting food and vegetables, and not against people.

But if you suddenly came the thought of a knife, then do not bring the case to the fight, scorch the opponent — the best and only right solution in this case. After all, one incorrect movement and the attacker will be called the killer.

One of the most popular self-defense facilities that provides a safe shaking outcome. It is unlikely to cause hard harm to such a weapon, because its capacity is designed to doubt the person and does not exceed 3 W. Buy such a weapon is best in a reliable store that is responsible for the quality of your product.

Perhaps this is not the safest weapon, but with proper use, it is certainly better than a knife and castet. Thanks to the trauma, you can protect yourself from several aggressive people. That’s just the price of such pleasure leaves much to be desired, because it costs it quite expensive. Moreover, a license is pre-needed for its purchase.

Another well-known means for solving conflicts. It has a short-term effect, thanks to which his owner has time in order to calmly leave.

Vision at the attacker is restored quickly, so you have nothing to worry about. But even so this tool is one of the most practical. Caller is able to deal with even the largest opponents.

Summing up, I want to recall that the use of any means for self-defense is only an extreme method for solving disputes. The main element should always remain a human word, which sometimes can lead even to friendship. The use of weapons is a fairly serious solution that can lead to human death. Therefore, it is worth thinking three times before doing something illegal.