The cunning way that mirrors on the car are not covered with raindrops and ice.


Without mirrors of the rear view, the driver can do in no way. Mirrors play an important role in ensuring traffic safety. The visility of the mirrors is significantly reduced during the weather.

Rain drops are delayed on the mirror surface and interfere with a quality review. The driver constantly has to deal with the problem of rubbing the mirror, or try to see the road through the water barrier.

It is quite difficult to drivers and winter. In the cold mirrors are covered by Founding. Only heating mirrors can cope with the problem. And all cars are equipped with such a useful function.

So what to do? How to cope with the problem and preferably without special investments? Is there a simple way to deal with raindrops and frost? I can say with confidence, there is something suitable!

The solution to the problem is actually very simple. Clean the mirrors from the annoyed drops can be used with the help of an ordinary tool, which is available in the arsenal of any man.

To cope with rain drops, you just need to treat shaving foam mirrors or gel for shaving. There is no big difference in this case.

Of course, you can use specialized means of type «Anti-Layer», which you need to not forget to purchase in an atom. But there is always a shaving foam.

So let’s follow the work algorithm. First you need to wash the surface of the mirrors, and then wipe dry. Stocking clean paper napkins or towels.

On one napkin we apply a foam size with a pea. No longer needed, the mirrors are not too much surface. We rub on the foam mirror so that the white bloom appears.

Clean clutter rubbing on the surface to full purity. The same needs to be repeated with another mirror.

Now rain drops with mirrors are not scary. Water will roll from the surface without lingering. What will significantly improve visibility. By the way, such treatment will help and escape from the land.

The duration of the processing of shaving foam is enough for about a month. After all, there are no jarders on the mirrors, which means the coating will remain untouched longer than on the windshield.

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