The DPS inspector told what drivers they do not like.


Among my numerous friends and acquaintances there are some DPS officer. We have been friends for a long time and firmly, so quite often we have sophisticated talk about life, about work, in short about everything gradually.

Once again, we got a conversation about the difficult work of DPS inspectors. The buddy began to tell what sometimes inadequate comrades come across, it is not known how much fell behind the wheel.

Such individuals are not the fact that the rights and steering wheel of the car are to trust. They and the plug is scary to give to avoid problems. Word for the word and we came to a delicate topic: what drivers do not like DPS employees most of all.

That is how there are special categories of motorists who are largely annoyed by inspectors. Of the three: thoughts, whips and cattle …
Well, about the cattle, there is no sense for a long time. Cattle and there are cattle. Such handsome people as a rule, no, besides empty Ponte from themselves.

In fact, an empty sound, but it is extremely unpleasant to communicate with such comrades. Therefore, in this case, the conversation is the shortest, protocol and penalty for violation. Just and understand.

Much more on the roads, oddly enough, whisen. These comrades are a special caste. Driving dashing guys, before inspector, children from the older kindergarten group. This representative just has just been striking so that the brakes creaked.

And the inspector stopped immediately begins to whine and cry, that he is not here at all at all and the car is not him, and in general it was forced to circumstances. In short, the saying «Do not be famously if it is quietly» only with an accuracy of the opposite.

With such a conversation to become. After all, most often whiskers are offered to negotiate, here is an inspector and agree to Maxim the ability of such a comrade.

But the noving panties are not the safest representatives of domestic roads. Bread all the reasons for the dislike of threshing. Everyone without exception inspector knows that there are cars on our roads that best do not touch, from the word in general.

And not because it is impossible, but because it is no sense. You can of course stop some drunk prosecutor or someone like that. And even bring to justice, but only until he rubs.

And then he will turn out, and also the inspector will spoil life. You can walk this case before the dismissal of the DPS officer.

So it’s a thorough clear, but hopeless. But inspectors, as well as simple ordinary people, are extremely not familiar with thyoughts. Especially since their power stops similar trips. Only in fact everything is different.

This article is dear drivers for you. Be careful on the roads, do not disturb the rules of DD. Respect each other, pedestrians and DPS employees. Then everything will be fine.