The list of documents that is obliged to show the driver inspector DPS.


Looking through the videos on social networks can be concluded that DPS employees have no rights except decorativeness. That you mean to stand on the road at DPS post and deal in the form.

However, in fact, representatives of the authorities have specific rights and obligations. However, as well as the drivers. There is a specific list of documents that the driver is obliged to submit a police officer at the request, to any employee who submitted to the form and providing its own documents at the request of the driver, if there is a need.

Regulations on this issue are painted in paragraph 2.1.1 of traffic police of the Russian Federation.

1.V / y — driver’s license, in common law;

Insurance Policy (OSAGO)

Documents testifying to the registration of the car. This is not a paper TCP, this is another document that is issued in the traffic police when registering a car, called a certificate of registration of the vehicle.

If the car has a «disabled» sign, it is necessary to provide documents confirming disability

Persons carrying out any transportation, be it passenger transport or freight, you need to provide a license. As well as overhead on the cargo, if any.

The requirement by the DPS officer of the above documents is completely legal and reasonable. So you do not need to follow the stupid instructions of the heroes of the rollers in the social. networks.

It is best to carefully examine the letter of the law, it is much more correct. In addition, a legally competent driver will never give himself to deceive and will not lead to a divorce of even the Ear of the DPS Inspector.