The main error when turning to the left, which most drivers allow.


When loading urban intersections, it is easy to make a mistake. It is especially difficult to turn left. Such turns are glorious with their accident.

Many drivers hoped to slip quickly can perform maneuver in almost the blind. But even experienced and very neat drivers can get into the unpleasant situation with left corners.

And the point here is not at all in the mistakes of others. An error can be done by the driver himself wishing to turn left.

The most important thing to follow the rules of the road, do not turn the steering wheel to the left and do not turn the left blindly, even in case you have a hurry drivers behind you.

Some motorists, becoming the path described above, immediately unscrew the steering wheel left. Thus, they are preparing as quickly as possible to make a turn. But these actions are a serious error.

As soon as the possibility of a car with twisted wheels immediately turns to the left. When you receive a blow from behind, the machine with twisted wheels on the inertia will take out the oncoming lane, where the machines are moving at a fairly high speed.

It turns out a rather unpleasant situation with bad consequences. The same story on the road only if the wheels are located directly.

The collision can occur with the machine standing in the mirror position on the oncoming lane. The consequences will be, but not so heavy as in the first case.

Of course, drivers who are always treated in such situations. Such people in the people were nicknamed with saucers, always rebuilt and seeking the shortest path. Nevertheless, you need to try to avoid serious consequences in any case.

The thing is what. At the crossroads, the movement is quite dense and therefore those who want to turn left come close to the right if possible and waiting for green light, to quickly turn into the right direction.

Thus, the turn occurs immediately from two opposite strips of motion. It is at this moment that a fatal error occurs, which may entail an emergency or an accident itself.

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