The mass appearance of auto-codes on pedestrian transitions in all regions of Russia.


Recently, there were many reports that people who enjoy the fact that the driver who shot down a person was always to blame on the streets of our Motherland.

They just rush under the car, jump on the hood or windshield and say that the driver knocked them down, demanding damage compensation. Most recently, the plot of such people was shown on the first channel, and he shows all the options for deception.

It is worth noting that such deceivers often get into the thick of events not even, but their own property. They can throw telephones, tablets or even laptops under the wheels, and then it will be necessary to compensate for material damage. Similar frauds are a huge set, everything is not even impossible to list.

There is a question, how to deal with it? The most fundamental thing is that in such a situation you need to know, so this is what is always worth calling the traffic police officers. Similar machinators do not like to deal with the police. In such cases, they usually leave somewhere and do not leave the show.

It must be said that there is a more thoughtful scheme of deception, which is difficult to just understand. A bottle or soap can fly to your car from the riding car. Then you catch up and begin to talk about what you shot down a person and did not even see it. It is worth noting that this basically happens on turns, because there is easier to present.

In such a theatrical representation, two more operating cars are needed. There are future witnesses in one. She also closes the review that the next one can play their role. She, in turn, should pick up an abominated object, as well as land the victim.

She also plays an additional witness. They all play on the fact that you are confused with such a number of actors and can not prove your right thing. Even in the arsenal of their pressure tools, there is an indication of what you disappeared from the crime scene, which is fraught with a farewell with a long time.

It should be noted that in such situations the most correct action will be the challenge staff of the traffic police. You should also call themselves. It is worth saying on the phone that you have a suspicion that these are fraudsters. Such a hoax captured one of the drivers on the camera. Therefore, it is better to see the time than to read than many times. The most interesting starts at 1:45.

Watching such videos, I would like to note that DVRs, especially bilateral, can save their owner from big problems and monetary losses.