The PAPs came up with a new type of divorce-relay.


All new is well forgotten old! The winged phrase is very relevant for the next road divorce, which will be discussed below.
Immediately I want to note the fact that the guards of the order enjoy the divorce. Previously, in distant nineties, truckers rushed in such a simple way.

And now this simple way goes to move with any kind of transport, except for very expensive foreign cars perhaps.
How everything is arranged! And it’s easier to nowhere. The inspector stopped you, just a sample of politeness, is easy to prevent documents.

You, without looking, give all the stack of documents for checking. And then suddenly it turns out that one document is missing. The most important thing is that you are all right. And here is such a misunderstanding.

The fact is that the missing document hid the inspector himself. And well, what hid, and did not throw away from the curb away. This is a sure way to agree on the spot, that is, get a bribe with you. Perhaps after receiving money and loss will be found. Worse, if the document is lost forever.

Approximately the more complex divorce scheme. Having stopped at you, the inspector will check the documents again, it will again hide one of the stacks. However, it will say that everything is in order and wishes a happy path. And he himself, in the meantime, will give all the data on the machine to his colleague, in which the potential sacrifice of the scam is going.

The informed inspector will restore you again and ask for documents. And again the absence of one of the necessary items! And again the opportunity to negotiate and get a bribe …

How to protect yourself from such trouble? As easy as pie. No need to give documents with a whole stack. It is best to give each separately, clearly saying the list of what’s in hand to the inspector. You can even ask him, whether everything is true. It would be nice to shoot on a video recorder.

Well, if you got into such a situation, it still will have to break up with money. The main thing in this situation return the lost document.