The top 5 of the main phrases of the auto projects, for which they can be defined already when viewing the ad.


Revenues of our people directly say far from ideal. Therefore, buy a new car, even domestic carman production is far from everyone. Therefore, used cars so far in price and are in demand.

Indeed, in the secondary market, you can choose an iron horse for means and preferences. Of course, this is not buying a new car, but nevertheless you need to start.

The only question is that in addition to direct sellers in addition to direct sellers, there are also dealers. Comrades that earn on resale cars. And these are the people of the past, sometimes undeservedly winding price.

How to paint similar sellers? How not to get on their fishing rod? Is it possible to avoid overpayment for the car you like? Can! The main thing is to know several key points that are used by overbugs.

Today we will talk about beaten, favorite phrases of automotive dealers who use these comrades in ads for sale.

The car does not bit and not painted. It can be bought at such a newcomer. Especially for such newcomers, the Council — take the thickness gauge and pass on these ads.

You will see how much truth in such statements. Most likely, in nine of ten cases, the car sells a discovery, and not a real owner.

The interior of the car is not punched. Simply, no one smoked in the car. I do not know what kind it may matter, but for some reason the dealers love to focus on this.

Most likely to remove the eyes, so to speak to burst the buyer’s mind. The real owner is unlikely to emphasize attention on such little things.

Most likely, this issue will be resolved when inspection and at the request of the buyer. And in the announcement report that in the car did not smoke, the owner will not.

Another tricky trick is a clarification that a girl, a woman, grandparents, and so on, went to the car. For some reason, the dealers are sacred in a positive moment in such previous drivers. Though

Experienced motorists know how bad for the car is the operation of a novice driver or face of old age.

Not ashamed for the car! Why should the car be ashamed? After all, this is a car that is somehow exploited. Accordingly, the price and quality should coincide, but to acquire or not, it is already to solve the buyer.

By the way about shame, the dealers do not know. They will argue that the car stood in the garage and practically not used. Although in fact a car could not be far from one accident.

Must alarming and phrases broadcasting about readiness for checks of any kind at the expense of the buyer. Most likely it is only a bluff. After all, the buyer will pay for the test, and to shove the blame on the previous owner and make a sacrifice to the sacrifice can without any problems.

Most often, the buyer may insist on checks. And it was the buyer to offer such a thing. Such mentions in the ads should also be alarmed.

Of course, it is not a fact that such phrases can use exclusively overbugs. It happens that the real owner makes up his ad relying on something read earlier.

So check more and more carefully and be vigilant, do not trust the dealers. Among them there are decent people, and there are also unfamiliar ribs.