The traffic police and the Ministry of Transport are planning to prohibit overtaking T / C on a straight line of the road.


This article is devoted to the joint work of the traffic police and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, namely their suggestions to improve road traffic and reduce the risks of an accident.

The article will tell about the work of these structures briefly, more detailed information is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Transport.

A number of measures were developed, which, according to the Ministry of Transport Workers, will reduce the risks of emergency situations on potentially dangerous areas of roads.

These include descents — climbs, turns and of course pedestrian crossings. In principle, everything is extremely clear here.

In such areas of roads, the risks of the emergence of road accidents are really increased.

But the Ministry of Transport offered to add to dangerous sites and direct road segments and they are planned to hold a number of measures to reduce accidents.

All the same, how is it planned to reduce the risks of the emergence of an accident? Of course, the installation of special means of photo and video phixations on direct areas of roads and as a result, add restrictions on the maximum speed of movement.

The possibility of prohibiting the commission of overtaking maneuver on such sites is also excluded, if it is expensive in a width of less than seven meters.

In this case, it will be prohibited both throughout the path of the straight area and in the approximations to it.

Perhaps such measures will be correct to reduce the emergency situation on the roads of the Russian Federation, and may vice versa will lead to an even greater emergence of road traffic accidents on our multi-kilometer tracks.

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