The traffic police introduced a new standard of driver’s license and PTS.


Talking about changes in the appearance of a driver’s license began to be very soon implemented. Some changes were approved, which will soon be held everywhere.

Updated driver’s license will receive not only newcomers, but also experienced motorists with experience with the obligatory replacement of the certificate.

It is now relifically known what and how it will be changed and for which certain innovations are introduced.

A significant variable will be the inscription on the rainer of the document. Now the phrase «driver’s license» will be duplicated in two languages: English and French.

These are the rules currently existing in the Vienna Convention. Accordingly, the Russian driver’s license thus receives international status.

However, it is still in the go to our usual forms. The fact is that the stocks of ready-made blanks are so great that they are planned to be spent during the next five years.

In addition to the right to change, the PTS will affect, that is, the passport of the vehicle. The front part is added by several more points in which the number of water seats will be indicated, the marks about the past car checks, about the allowable mass according to specifications.

Since the rights and PTS are changed, the CTC is also subject to change. According to the new rules, the power of the engine and the restriction of the customs service will be indicated, if any.

Information about the fact that the above documents will also receive chips so far not confirmed. Although in some places such innovation is already undergoing test mode.

Innovations will not affect the financial issue. So far, prices for duties are unchanged. By the way, it is not worth a new sample specifically for the driver’s license.

This is relevant only if you are going to travel on a personal car abroad, or take a car for hire in someone else’s country.

In Europe, the acting driver’s license may bring problems, even if desired, rent a car.

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