The traffic police penalizes drivers for using alarm.


Knowing the entire ground verge of road traffic rules is not valid by even the most competent DPS staff. Although, of course, they are obliged to know everything on the teeth. Drivers and worse. As a rule, the most common rules are known.

But not everyone knows about some nuances accompanied by the basic rules. So to speak for the scenes remains what is written «small font».

About such nuances and go on speech.
Today, in the framework of the topic, we will talk about the use of alarm in accordance with the regulations specified in the rules of DD.

So the most experienced and respectable drivers can get a fine without disorders and an accident. There will be a small nuance for this, which accompanies the rule regarding the inclusion of emergency lights.

Paragraph 7.1 in DD rules tell us in detail when and under what circumstances the driver has the right to use alarm alarm. Namely:

Forced stop in prohibited places;
towing cars;
blinding headlights of counter transport;
Planting passengers — children in transport with appropriate signs;
Other cases in which the prevention of other participants in the significance of danger is required.

Danger in this case can represent a car stopped on the road or sidelines.
Everyone knows about it without exception. But about the continuation of this rule, many are not suspected.

It sounds as follows. Paragraph 7.2 obliges the driver using an emergency alarm to set an emergency stop sign on mandatory. This item also contains a detailed description in which situations need to be resorted to the help of an emergency stop sign.

Specifically, the sign must be exhibited at an accident and in situations where the car is stopped with emergency lights in a banned place. In general, the sign is set to warn other participants in the movement of the transport in front of transport for one reason or another.

According to all the same items, an emergency stop sign must be set at a certain distance from the stopped machine. Specifically in the settlements — 15 meters, on other roads — 30 meters.

This distance will serve as a warning for other drivers that there is a hindrance in the form of a stopped car.

This nuance with the installation of the sign when the emergency lights included can be caused by penalties. Now it is already clear that the arrivating DPS crew seems emergency lights, but without seeing the sign installed according to the rules, it can easily punish a negligent motorist.

By the way, employees will be completely right. After all, if you suddenly, standing in a prohibiting place, the car will cause an accident, another driver may not notice warning lights, both sides will blame. And you including!

Before this, be law-abiding drivers, use the emergency stop sign if you use emergency lights! So far from fine and other troubles!