Three myths about the moon, in which everyone continues to believe.


    The moon is a permanent companion of our planet for more than 4.5 billion years. For the history of mankind, no one dozen missions were held with the aim of studying our satellite, any person having a camera with a good lens can take a picture of the moon and consider many details on its surface. But to this day, many myths about it regularly pop up in the information space.

    The moon does not rotate around its axis. And she is unique.

    And the truth, in whatever day we looked at the moon, we will see only one of her side. For many, this is the reason to start a conversation that the moon does not rotate around its axis, the sky is a hologram or give out even more strange theories. In fact, we only see the concrete part of the moon, because the time of her turnover around the axis coincides with the turn of the turn around the Earth. In other words: if, let’s say, with a difference in a few days, the moon will pass some part of its orbit, then during this time it turns around its axis on such an angle that for the observer on earth it will look at him with the same side. And this is not an anomaly at all, this behavior of satellites is very common, we can observe it with most satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. It is a consequence of tidal capture, in which the planet gradually slows down the rotation of the satellite until it becomes rotating at such a speed, which will always turn to the planet one side.

    Visible sizes of the moon and the sun coincide.

    This myth has a grain of truth, but still this is a myth. Watching the solar eclipse, it can be noted that for us their sizes of the sun and the moon are the same and it seems to many that this is too strange coincidence. But in fact, they do not always coincide, for example, the moon due to the fact that it moves along an elongated orbit at the maximum distance from the ground, it will have a smaller angular size and then with an eclipse will not close the entire surface of the sun and will be seen the ring that occurs Due to the fact that the edges of the sun are not closed the moon and the light from them comes to us (in the picture above). When the moon is as close as possible to Earth, then its angular size is even a little more than the sun and it can close it completely.

    In addition, over time, the moon is distant from us and, accordingly, once the visible diameter of the moon was significantly more, and in time it will become even less than now.

    From the moon not visible stars?

    This myth arose due to the fact that the stars are not visible in the pictures made on the moon and many suggest that they are also not visible to the naked eye. In fact, from the moon, the stars look much brighter, and there are much more visible than from the ground, since the moon has no atmosphere interfering with observation.

    In order to see some object, a certain amount of light should be hit on the human eye, so that the nerves react to it, the longer we look at the night sky, the wider the pupils and the greater the photons (light particles) captures our eyes, starting distinguished Extraly dull objects. Similarly, the camera works, the longer exposure, the more he captures the light, and the more dull objects can fall.

    Most pictures from the moon are made with a very small exposure, so the stars did not affect them. The human eye has a significantly large «exposure» and the stars from the moon can observe without any problems. Therefore, the stars from the moon are very clearly visible.

    Author: Vladislav Kigim. Editorial: Fedor Karasenko.

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