Top 5 best books on astronomy and cosmology.


We are often asked in the comments under articles to offer popular science literature on astronomy and cosmology. Therefore, in today’s article we will present you the top 5 best popular science books on astronomy and cosmology.

The English scientist Stephen Hawking became so popular precisely because of the publication of his popular science books. Almost all of his books have become bestsellers. The most popular of his bestsellers are «The Shortest History of Time», «Theory of Everything», «Black Holes and Young Universes», «Grand Design» and many others. For these books, he received numerous prizes and awards.

They simply, in a living language, explain the most difficult moments and problems of astrophysics and cosmology. Stephen Hawking’s books are recommended for scientists, researchers, astronomy enthusiasts and anyone interested in space and wanting to understand the history of our Universe.

The book of the famous popularizer of science Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysics at Cosmic Velocity, will tell you in accessible language, hidden behind such loud terms as dark matter, dark energy, gravity, The Big Bang Theory and many other mysteries of the Universe. The book is designed for a wide range of readers without academic knowledge and is suitable even for schoolchildren.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson engagingly talks about complex scientific theories, in some places even with humor, which further interests all readers.

This book is by the Russian astrophysicist and science popularizer Sergei Popov. In four hundred pages, the scientist briefly spoke about our Sun, the evolution of stars, black holes, galaxies, the Universe as a whole and methods of studying it.

As the author himself points out, this book is not too easy for the reader, because it explains to the reader the physics of celestial bodies much deeper than the above-mentioned popular science books do, although at the same time it does not deepen it into the world of many incomprehensible formulas.

The book “Great History” by David Christian, British historian, brings together various disciplines such as cosmology, physics, chemistry, geology and even biology. They give us the history of a known part of our Universe and of the planet Earth itself.

The author became so popular precisely because of this book. In it, he presents to the readers the latest generalized scientific ideas about the birth and development of the universe, the solar system, the earth and man.

The author of this book is Priyamvada Natarajan, professor of physics and astronomy at Yale University. In the popular science book «Map of the Universe», the scientist talks about discoveries that have changed our ideas about the Universe, the history of the development of scientific theories, the fate of scientists and how humanity is trying to determine its place in our Universe.

This book makes it clear to everyone that science is the best way to navigate and understand our Universe. And like a real map, science shows us where to go next.

Author: Alexey Nimchuk. Edited by Fyodor Karasenko

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