Ukrainians are not the first!


For many, lard is a Ukrainian national dish. Everyone knows that in this country for more than one century they have been eating lard with garlic, adding cracklings to borsch, and so on. But in fact, lard was eaten even before the Ukrainians discovered this dish for themselves.

So which country was the first to come up with the idea of salting animal fat?

As far as historians know, the ancient Romans were the first to eat lard. Initially, the dish was

Later legionnaires began to use lard. They also needed hearty and long-lasting food. Gradually the whole country became connoisseurs of lard. Even the rich have tasted its unusual taste. Soon the fat spread to other countries.

In Italy, the production of lard was taken seriously. Lardo was a real delicacy. To prepare it, we used containers from a special

The Ukrainians came up with the idea of using lard as food only in the 17th century. In those years, Tatars and Turks often organized raids on the Slavic lands. Their religion did not allow them to eat pigs, so the Slavs began to raise mainly piglets to feed themselves. It even happened that pork

The word «lard» is of Proto-Slavic origin. It

Although in fact the lard was not invented by the Ukrainians, it is difficult not to admit that now this is the most real Ukrainian national dish. These people love and appreciate him so much that they even opened the Salo Museum in Lviv. Also in Ukraine, songs are dedicated to this dish, they wrote a hymn, albeit a humorous one, and they organize specialized festivals every year.