Vladimir Putin signed a new decree on the control of the traffic police bodies for car inspection.


The date of entry into force of the new law on the passage of technical inspection of vehicles is rapidly approaching. Now information about the passage will be made with a single information system called the EAOSTO.

Paper media will be issued only at the request of the owner of the car. The photo of the files made before and after the diagnostic procedure will be downloaded to the new system.

According to the new rules, it must indicate the date and time, which is natural, and the place of shooting a photo.

The new law is designed to ensure that the technical inspection procedure ceased to be formality. The diagnostics will now have to pass.

Previously, diagnostic maps in eighty percent were simply bought in insurance agents. That actually satisfied everyone. Now, to get a diagnostic card, you will have to go to a specialized service station.

The rules will be toughened for the owners of buses. In order to undergo a bus inspection of the bus, the owner must turn to the service station, where it will be in the queue and prescribe the date of passage.

Together with the mechanics, the traffic police representative will also hold. Signatures on the diagnostic map of the bus must be not only expert mechanics, but also a traffic police officer.

Otherwise, it will not be considered valid. Thus, the traffic police is going to control technicians, that is, stop trading the diagnostic maps without a valid inspection.

If the current case is recorded, then the traffic police in the right to organize the check, in the flesh before the check purchase. All this is now officially allowed and legalized, and will come into force on March 1 of this year.

In the meantime, the insurance agents pour oil into the fire without the inclined situation. Many drivers seek to obtain a diagnostic card on the old rules without waiting for the end of the last card.

Agents also joined the work and call customers with a proposal to arrange everything at the current old rules, those who, before the end of the diagnostic card, remained at least a month. And people agree, and buy without thinking that there may be problems.

Although it would seem that the technical inspection is delayed for another year, the map of purchased and insurance is provided. However, from March 1, traffic police threaten searching and identifying such cards.

The punishment will have to be subjected to not only those who bought something, but those who sold it. Those who hurried and bought a diagnostic card can lose it.

We will have to go through again. Those who sold the diagnostic card will be involved in Article 14.4.1., Part 4, for false information received in the database (without a real-time technical inspection).

For legal entities, the fine is quite serious, from 100 thousand to 300 thousand. It is not yet clear whether there is an item in the new legislation, regulating such situations, because, in fact, all the cards purchased before March 1 can and are obliged to be valid, but it is still worthwhile.

Perhaps they will punish those who bought a card in advance, for example, a month before the deadline. So it is best to act according to the law, not only by car owners, but insurers.

Because the traffic police, according to one of the authoritative sources, is fully engaged in searching for information about such enterprising operators. All that the agency can learn, it reports to the Russian Union of Auto Insurance. And there will be any measures there.

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