Wax, teflon or ceramics — the better to handle your car.


Gloss and glitter with paint coating of the car are attached with the help of common auto chemicals. The most favorite means are Teflon, wax, ceramics.

Today we will talk about every coating, about the merits, disadvantages and price.


Wax is perhaps the easiest and cheap, compared to the rest, coating. Wax coatings can be applied with several methods: cold, hot, solid and fenn.

The hardest to apply solid wax, the easiest is cold, as well as a wax coating in the form of a spray.

The most qualitative way is hot. This variant of applying wax forms additional protection of the body from rust.

Now about the advantages. The wax forms protection against moisture, methods for applying is relatively easy. The wax is able to hide light scratches and cracks in the LCP, carries protection against ultraviolet rays.

And also removes corrosion and applied without divorce. The wax has a moisture-repellent ability, due to this, the number of miles can be significantly reduced.

The shortcomings can be attributed to the shortness of the coating, after 3 it will have to apply it again. He cannot cope with large scratches.

Quality wax is easily replaced by fakes. Well, the foam method is not carried out in manual.

Teflon coating

Teflon is in demand on a par with wax. Although the quality of this coverage is superior to a lot of wax. Teflon is able to cope with deep scratches.

And also protects the LCP from new similar troubles. The coverage has a beautiful water repellent ability, which facilitates washing.

To this coating, in the literal sense of the word, neither dirt nor even dust. Also, Teflon neutralizes the effect of salts, acids and solvents.

You can apply the Teflon with the help of a specially intended sponge, gradually capturing small areas for processing. The Teflon composition holds for quite a long time, to six months and is able to withstand up to 10 miles.

It seems that such a coating can not be flaws, but it is not. The main thing is that the car treated with teflon can be washed only with the help of a contactless way.

Also, in the application recommendation, there is a clause that the surface where the coating will be applied must be perfectly even. Well, the last argument is a high price.

Ceramic coating

Ceramics, perhaps, the most durable coating of all three. When applying this layer interacts with LCP, and therefore it is not possible to wash off, erase or damage.

The duration of the action of the coating is stretched to two years. Ceramics have a bunch of positive qualities. The coating will protect against moisture and ultraviolet, from oil, acids and gasoline, from salts and oxidation and even from the cold during the cold season.

The car treated with ceramics will glisten as a new one. In addition, this coating is not afraid of threats in the form of wood resin and avian litter.

Ceramics can be drawn. Ceramics can be painted.
Such a coverage is exactly no shortcomings. Alas, and here are those available. To hide small defects, you need to pre-prepare a car, otherwise the scratches will remain.

For this reason, ceramics process new cars more often. And I do not know for disadvantages or to advantages to attribute the price for processing.

Specialized application will be very expensive. Independent — relatively cheap.

Well, and the end can only be added that the correct car care will help keep the beauty and service life. And the bucket and rag have long time to replace the modern methods of care.

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