What antifreeze is better red or green.


Absolutely all car drivers know that antifreeze mainly have green and red color, respectively. Of course, everyone knows for sure that it is forbidden to mix them with each other. What is the difference between them?

And what will happen if they mix them, how will this affect the operation of the car? What is the main function of antifreeze? It is absolutely simple, in the summer, from the engine, it takes heat, in order to prevent its overheating, and in winter it makes it possible to warm up faster.

In contrast to water, antifreeze does not freeze even at low temperatures. Ethylene glycol is the main component of the substance of green and red antifreeze, its content in general varies from 90 to 95% of the total composition of antifreeze.

Everything else is different additives and water. Adds and distinguished red and green antifreeze. In cars whose radiators consist of aluminum alloys, green antifreeze is applied. Red antifreeze is used in brass and copper radiators.

Additives contained in antifreeze are suitable for different types of metals. Personally, to avoid the occurrence of various chemical reactions. It is just necessary to know this in order not to damage the radiator, because due to the use of the wrong antifreeze, it may appear rust and scale.

From rust cooling system, the red antifreeze is well protected, with an oil film, which envelops the tubes and channels. Served antifreeze for four years red and 2 years green, respectively.

With stirring of red and green antifreeze, a reaction occurs between additives, which will lead to the appearance of a precipitate and score a car cooling system.

In this case, there will have to change the radiator, the thermostat, heat exchanger, the expansion tank, in general, the cooling system is completely. Delivery on Krasny and Green Antifreeze offered to produce Volkswagen.

Green antifreeze is assigned the value G11, and the Red G12. When buying antifreeze, you need to be extremely attentive, in addition to the color to look at its marking, in order to further avoid replacing the cooling system, because Some manufacturers of antifreeze are not followed by the rules for separating it on colors.

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