What denotes a new zigzag road markup.


Modern roads are difficult to imagine without road markings. The lines on the asphalt were so firmly included in the life of motorists that the new canvas without markup is perceived as something strange.

Today, the travel lines family replenished with several more species. Everyone has long been accustomed to the «Waffiers», which appeared at the intersections. Drivers perfectly adapted to blue lines, which are designed to determine the inquiry when driving on particularly loaded cuts of roads.

The vessels on how new lines are coming around, it is worth expecting additions in the road marking family. Let’s find out that drivers expects in the near future.

To begin with, it is worth noting that it is the road markup one of the most commemorated things on the road. Warriors may not pay attention to signs.

But the markup is always in the field of visibility of the motorist. Therefore, the most important feature for maintaining safety on roads is assigned to road lines.

So, new lines, more precisely, new zigzag lines can already be found in some areas of roads. This time the markup got yellow.

There are zigzags at bus stops, minibuses and other public transport. In fact, the new markup outlines the boundaries of the site, where parking cars of non-public transport are prohibited.

This is not all zigzags that may appear on our roads. Another type of new markup will have several values. First, bright yellow color will help drivers to focus on pedestrian crossings.

It is nearby that the promised new markup will be posted. Naturally, the lines will call for a decrease in speed. Especially noticeable marking should be at night.

The new markup will have another destination and another place to accommodate.
And again, pedestrian crossings fall into the field of view. This time the lines will help drivers to determine the distance for the parking lot.

Everyone knows that it is possible to put the car only at a distance of five meters from the transition, in the course of the movement of course. So, the eyemer can bring the driver at such a moment. And the zigzag markup will notify the motorist about the desired distance.

So the rules should be violated practically.
While new lines take test mode, but it is worth expecting the appearance of the markup everywhere.

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