What does the fish-shaped figurine indicate on the car?


The traffic police says that the marks of the differences should be installed on vehicles. However, sometimes on the surface of the car body, you can see a wide variety of symbols, which many have no idea about.

Among them there are the theme of this article — a figurine in the form of fish. But what does it mean? Maybe this is some kind of fishing lovers or a symbol of fortune? A lot of rumors and guessing walks a lot, but now let’s deal with that actually represents this symbol.

In fact, such a figure is one of the attributes of the Christian religion. It is worth noting that many are unknown for it, since everyone is accustomed to the already existing attribute — a cross. However, the fish is a fairly common symbol that religious people attach to their car.

Many believers and atheists also believe that ichtis is used only sectarians or people with non-traditional religious views. But in fact, this is not the root, because they put on their cars and Christians, and Catholics, and even Protestants.

In no case, they do not violate any religious traditions, because this fish is a symbol of protection and serves something like overama, providing protection on the road.

However, some may ask, they say, why then they have not put a cross anywhere? Everything is simple: they do not want to stand out among ordinary motorists, because many people might think that they exalt themselves in this way and try to somehow emphasize their belonging to religion.

It could provoke some people to conflict. That is why a simple fish becomes the symbol that will not suspect anything. Few people know what it is, and a person who will see such a figure, it is unlikely to understand anything.

Religious people can not always be called bad, and therefore hatred in their address is simply inappropriate. On the road, they try to behave fit and can easily skip other drivers, will not compete with you, who is faster, etc.

It is noteworthy that people who have not loved faith are attached to their cars a variety of symbols, parody, thereby, by various religious flows. Most often they use the same fish, but the Greek letters are changed to «Darvin».

They use these symbols not only in order to emphasize their belonging, but also create a certain design and aesthetics to their car.