What if the car often burns out the bulbs in the headlights.


I can say from my own experience that the constant replacement of the bulbs in the headlights due to the brave is extremely annoying. By the way, the annoying pattern is most unpleasant.

Well, if the light bulb burned once, now it will continue indefinitely.

No matter how try, but to solve the problem with a classic way by stripping does not come out. A closed circle outlined on the face, out of patience.

The reason, in fact, is quite simple. The weak fit of contacts is not at all. The main trouble in this moment becomes oxidation.

It is oxides and there is that reason, due to which the light bulbs burn out so quickly. Oxides can be seen with the naked eye. This is a light white flare, which will not immediately give attention.

It happens that the oxidation is generally impossible to see, but the annoying film is still formed, which leads to poor contact, sparking and additional heating of the lamp.

Heating additionally lamp faster comes into disrepair and burns out.

Immediately I want to note that the cleaning of contacts in the case of oxidation will not give any results. More precisely, the result will be. The light bulb will work, but not long.

Please note that contact pairs have a perfectly smooth surface. Often these surfaces are even treated with the finest layer of precious metals.

The precious spraying is really extremely subtle, but it helps to protect themselves from the annoying oxides. Cleaning will help get rid of oxides, but only partially.

And the furrows obtained from mechanical exposure from the sandpaper will open new levels to cunning oxidation.

So how to deal with the problem? Very simple. No need to clean the contacts.

Before installing a new light bulb, spend one useful manipulation. You just need to apply a drop of any liquid lubricant to the contact.

Do not believe, even machine oil is suitable. The principle of the lubricant is simple: overlap the oxygen access channel to the place of contact of contact spots.

Everything! The formation of oxides is stopped. The light bulb will serve as much as it should be.

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