What is ESP, and when it needs to be turned off.


Modern cars have many systems that can significantly simplify the management process. However, they always help.

In fact, no. Sometimes such systems only impede the normal control of the car. One of these systems is ESP.

Experts consider this system of the second most important, after seat belts. If the belts are an active protection system, the ESP is passive.

The system is responsible for the dynamic stabilization of the car, providing an alignment of the automotive course. The operation of the system occurs with uncontrollable driving.

The ESP system works in conjunction with ABS and is equipped with a steering position sensor, as well as an accelerometer. The latter is necessary to track the real rotation of the car.

During the safe drive of the accelerometer and sensor, the same. When driving, they are different, because of which the ESP system is triggered, which later produces braking with the necessary wheel. You can submit two cases.

The driver at high speed made a sharp turn and the car brought. The system has discovered a drift and made a braking with a rear wheel located on the inner diameter. Thanks to this, the car was leveled.

The driver sharply trampled pit or bump and the car was again brought. However, in this case, the back of the car went to the skid. ESP in such cases provides braking front wheel, which is located on the side of the drift.

The remaining wheels provide the alignment of the machine. As a result, the car returns to the initial position.

Any car equipped with this system allows you to disable it. In what cases do you need to do? Everything is very simple. ESP is great for urban ride.

In rural off-road conditions, the ESP disappears the need, since this system simply will not allow the car to overcome complex road sections.

Disconnecting the system, the driver is responsible for changing the position of the car. It is he who now regulates the trajectory of the movement of the car.

The exception is only old foreign cars. They may not have the ability to disable ESP. However, modern cars does not concern.

Based on this, we can conclude that on the off-road even the old «Zhiguli» will go better than foreign cars, which cannot be turned off ESP.

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