What is necessary for a bulb on a torpedo under the windshield.


There was not one hundred disputes on this topic. Many car owners photographed this device and laid out to a variety of forums so that experienced drivers told them about his true purpose.

So, some believed that this device was necessary for the alarm system, the second was believed that it was directly connected to the lighting system, and the third thing was more violently that this ball is needed for the automated turning on the janitors when the weather is sharply spoiled.

In order to learn about the real purpose of such a device, it is necessary to look into the thick book, namely, the instruction manual.

Of course, its dimensions scare no one dozen curious owners, however, the truth is above all.

I am the owner of the car Kia Sportage, so in my leader I dug out the following.

As maybe many have already guessed, this ball is responsible for the climate system in the cabin.

In modern cars are full of different systems, so this ball collects all the information about the temperature and level of illumination (solar rays).

After analysis, the ball can enhance or lower the operation of the fans, as well as connect other system operation algorithms that will help to brighten the situation in the hot salon.

Some drivers for ignorance can cover it with some object or cloth so as not to interfere.

In fact, it is not worth doing so, because in this case, he may consider that in the cabin it is hot enough and fans will turn on.

Whereas in the realities on the street, the rains are poured all day, and the fan work will only aggravate the position.

If there is no system behind the climate in the cabin, and a simple air conditioner is installed instead, then in this case the ball will not perform any function, it will just become a piece of decor.