What is the difference of signs having the names of settlements on blue and on a white background.


Blue and white — these are two colors for signs denoting the names of populated areas. They differ among themselves regarding the execution of DD rules.

The names of populated settlements depicted on a white colors, as a rule, put on the entrance or leaving the city, village, PGT or other location. Driving past this sign, the driver is obliged to follow the rules of DD provided throughout the territory of its location.

White colors, tells the driver about the need to lower the speed to the permitted, for movement in the village — 60 kilometers per hour, besides the sign makes it clear that the zebra of «Pedestrikists» and traffic lights can meet in the future.

The most important thing is not to exceed the set speed, since pedestrians, children, or pets, can unexpectedly be on the roads, if it is about villages or villages.

In addition, now in almost every such locality, the violations of violations are installed and you can safely get a fine for speeding.

If the name of the populated area is shown on a blue background, then this is just an informative designation. According to such notation, the driver can understand in which locality it is at the moment.

Such informative designations are not put in the center of locality, village or village, but in the long part of it.

The rules of DD are allowed not to drop the speed of the car upon arrival for the sign of blue color. In this area, the rules of DD, which are provided for to move outside the locality.

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