What is the magnet on the car filter on the car filter. Is there any benefit from it or another nonsense.


The experienced motorists have many useful skills. That you mean, many tricks know how to extend the service life of a particular unit in its iron horse.

Another thing is that many secrets can be considered obsolete, and therefore not consistent. Simply put — useless.

However, today we will talk and magnets on oil filters. It seems that this old secret is effective. Now will understand why.

Oil filters crafts attach neodymium magnets. They can be found in hard drives of computers, or order an aliexpress.

It will not be difficult to remove them from a legitimate place. These magnets are very effective on oil filters and that’s why.

It happens that you have to start the car, especially in the cold season, so to speak in ice condition.

It is in this embodiment that the oil can not pass through the filter, but via the bandwidth.

Accordingly, all that can accumulate in oil will fall directly into the engine.

The system works in such a way to avoid problems — oil starvation.

It’s good. It is bad that the oil does not pass through the filter.

And in the lubricant can be metallic impurities. The formation of metal impurities avoid anyway will not succeed.

In a good engine, their minimum, but they still have. This is the cost of the work of the piston system.

It is clear that all this will remain in oil. Actually the goal of the filter is in what would be delivered to the engine clean lubricant.


A magnet will hold all metal impurities. Will attract them on themselves. What makes the oil clean and the engine is safe.

So the power unit of the vehicle will serve longer.

That’s all the explanation. As they say, all ingenious simply.

So if you can get and install a neodymium magnet on an oil filter, then do not neglect by this action.

Install additional protection. It will not be worse from this, but it will be better — perhaps will surely.

This small improvement in folk craftsmen is still relevant. Tested on personal experience!

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