What punishment can threaten the driver if he sprayed a pedestrian from the puddle.


Not only pedestrians can suffer from bad weather, but also car drivers. The case is not at all in ice or heavy snowfall. Here everything is extremely simple.

The case in dirty water, which is formed when melting snow, or rainfall in the form of rain. She is going to huge puddles on the roadway.

Everyone knows that our roads are far from perfect. Therefore, everyone who is near the roadway is located near the roadway.

Of course, everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that our roads are full of puddle of various depths and lengths.

And if the car slipped by, touched a small puddle, did not splash anyone, then this is a real miracle. Most often from under the wheels, dirty water fountains are broken in different directions.

In most cases, to hide from such a stream a pedestrian simply nowhere. In such a situation, the victim’s face was sprinkled.

Is there an opportunity at a pedestrian to receive compensation for damage? Does the driver threatens any punishment for the fountains of dirty water?

In this situation, everything will depend just on the size of the damage. Dirty water can get not only on clothes, but also on modern gadgets. For example, an expensive phone or tablet.

And this is a completely different price category, rather than a spoiled jacket. Although the clothes are also branded and no less expensive. Based on this, the victim pedestrian can easily file a statement of claim.

And it should be noted that the court will take the side of the plaintiff. In addition, in addition to the material damage, the driver can oblige to pay and moral.

After all, a spoiled phone could cause an interrupted important conversation.

There is another option with cunning pedestrians. The very fact that you were blown up with dirty water, while not even stopped unusually offended.

So some comrades who can provide themselves with Documentary Alibi are quite capable of makeing the offender driver.

How? Just giving the court to the receipt for the repair of an expensive phone with a cause of breakdowns from dirty rainwater.

The same can concern and receipts from dry cleaning. After all, not all clothes can be cleaned at home.

As for the legal aspect, in this case many are fear of articles 7.17 of the Code of Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, which is not worth doing in principle. In such affairs, it is almost impossible to prove the presence of evil intent.

Moreover, if the driver did not violate any rules of DD and moved to the prescribed speed. Visually understand how deep and the full-flower road puddle is impossible.

By the way, the detour of some puddle is not possible at all according to the rules of DD. Otherwise, the driver can make a serious violation and get a significant penalty or to lose a driver’s license.

It is clear that this is not a reason to water pedestrians with water, and nevertheless … so most likely I will not be able to behave about any intentional self-esteem.

In general, such incidents are more suitable for the discharge of an accident. True, rather theoretically, rather than almost.

Since when driving a car, someone was harmful in the material plan, it can be based just on traffic rules.

Pedestrian can even cause DPS outfit and demand the occupancy. Employees will arrive, everyone will examine, interview witnesses, if any and will compile the protocol.

And in the claim for causing intentional harm, it will most likely be denied. So the driver in the situation described above can take only civil liability.

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