What terminal must be removed from the battery in the car so that it does not discharge.


Most car drivers face that you have to drop a battery terminal, in order to prevent its complete discharge. And of course, all car owners, produce this procedure as it is convenient.

Some throw off the terminal with a plus, others got used to throw off the terminal with a minus, and the rest at all throw off both terminals. This article will affect the battery discharge theme when it is long without use, and what needs to be disconnected to support it in the charged state: plus or minus.

In most situations, the terminal accounts for only due to a long non-use of the car. Good batteries can maintain a charge of about 2-3 months not operating a car, of course, if there are no leaks, because then the battery will lose its charge, and a few days.

Moreover, in some auto there is a consumption of electricity, which did not properly prevented the motorist. Therefore, in order to prevent the rapid discharge of the AKB, it will be possible only through the terminal reset means.

During the long non-use of the car, there are still current consumers that lead to the discharge of the battery. The main consumption of electricity is in the alarm.

The rest of the minor share of electricity is spent on the control and multimedia control system. For this very reason, after a while, the battery charge goes to zero.

Together with the emergence of the need to constantly charge the AKB, a number of other negative consequences arise. For example, if the charge level is small, the process of plate sulfate can begin, that is, the sulfur begins to turn into crystals and occurs in the form of a precipitate on metal items.

With sulfation, the normal operation of the battery decreases sharply, and the restoration of the plates becomes unreal. For this reason, it should not be completely discharged.

In order for the onboard devices to be de-energized, you can disconnect both plus and minus. True, experienced autoexperts advise to reset precisely minus, going to the car body. With this situation, the current leakage will be minimized, and harmful effects on the battery will disappear.

A plus terminal can remain attached if minus skinny, various current consumers in the car will not spend the battery charge.

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