What threatens the driver for a shot down animal on the road, as competently proceed.


The road is a place where any, most unforeseen situations can occur, sometimes completely independent of drivers.

For example, various animals jump on the road periodically. It is not even uncommon. But in such a situation, not only the animal itself can seriously suffer, but also people in the car.

The best option in this situation will be fright from the smoking right in front of the animal machine. Everyone remains integer, four-legged violators and people, and the car. And if the collision has happened? How to be then?

The situation with a collision with animals is always solved in favor of the driver. In essence, it is the same DPT as all other cases. Only here if the animal is wild, the state will come out by the opponent. If the animal has a master, then the damage will collect exactly what.

Consider the situation on the direct example. It pops up on the road in front of the machine, the weight of this animal can reach the five hundred kilograms. When a collision of trouble is not avoided. An animal may die. And the car does not need to do not need at all. Who will collect from whom and for what?

If the driver in such an accident has caasco insurance, then the problem is solved. Repair and damage will be paid. If there is no simple asset, then it is not necessary to count on the help of the insurance campaign. Well, if only with a large patience and a huge number of lawsuits, and that is not a fact.

It concerns the repair of the car. But for the deceased or crumpled animal will also have to pay. The driver is obliged to pay damage to either the state or the owner. For example, the elk will cost 80,000 rubles. And it is strictly by law. So how should be if there is no insurance of CASCO?

And in no way … the driver will have to solve his problems. There are two ways: to report to the police and pay all yourself or not to call and hide from the scene of an accident. The first option involves independent payments and for the repair of its own car and for the affected animal.

But it will be legally and in some cases fairly. Forest animals do not explain the rules of the road. The second option involves the loss of a driver’s license. If someone has seen an accident, then it can report him and the driver will still find a necessarily punish. So to decide how to be in this situation, only the driver itself can and risk.